Where to start....

Firstly, I'm DarKProphecY and I'm the administrator of #DarkDreams I guess.

The users of the room set the rules and tone of the room so my position is wholly that of a figurehead.


Anyways about #DarkDreams:

The room name is an amalgam of the two founders nick's (DARKprophecy & infiniteDREAMS) and is mostly for fun adult chat without the lizards etc.

The core group of regulars are mostly IRC veterans so we double as a help/teaching room sometimes as well, we all hate the arrogant veterans who tell newer users to RTFM rather than just give over some help or a nudge in the right direction.

Now that you are all thinking we're a bunch of nerds, we're not... we spend more time just chatting and holding online drinking parties than anything else.

Anyways, the best way to figure out #DarkDreams is to come say Hi, settle in and get to know us all.

(Bring a bottle of your favorite spirits)


And -ALWAYS- remember:

It's chat... Itís supposed to be FUN!