The History Of The 0z Day Party

In The Beginning There Was Darkness And the Dolly-Doll did decree that some light should be shed.

And The Pit came into being because the Dolly-Doll wished it so.

And it was good.

The people gathered and multiplied.

And it was good

Then some silly bugger said "We should all meet up".Then the shite hit the fan ..... lolol.

So from all corners of 0z we did journey to the earthly abode Of Neophobia and SnowDancer.The Hordes fell upon the feast on the weekend of Australia Day 2003.
The Prophet and a guy that was scared of new things tried to demolish a city block with a well made bomb (some still claim that the bomb was a faulty cooking apparatus).The perimeter fences were breached by a strange, yet oddly interesting creature who claimed to be "me" !.
Many of the clan spent time talking into small electronic devices to apprise the Absent Ones of the progress of the feast.The merriment went well into the night with much imbibing of alky-hole and telling of tall tales(And filling of car armrests with noxious substances)

And it was GOOD !!!

Time passed and factions split and grew apart .. but still contact was kept and it was declared that a new location must be found for a second Gathering.

And the Resort Of The Hungry Puss was decided upon for the Feast of 2004.

So once again, on the weekend of Australia Day, we did gather to break bread and share a beverage or three.
Apart from the death of a small plastic bucket(caused by another unknown noxious substance)...there were no fatalaties.
Many and varied were the activities and it was proven that faerie's can fly!(albiet strapped into a harness with BIG rubber bands attached).
A trucker tested the strength of the railing of a local tavern and recoloured the plant life in the garden beds.
The morning after was made much more bearable with the inclusion of burnt fungus prepared by a dolphin.

And it was GOOD

And it Was decided that a Third Gathering would be. The masses voted on travelling to the End Of The Earth to show their devotion to the Annual Feast.

And the Prophet was filled with fear.

So after crossing the great stream and slipping past border patrols the Horde did gather at The End of the Earth where does dwell the Dark Prophet & Infinite Dreams.

Once again the Hordes demanded entertainment so the Chariot of the Dark One roared to life to carry those brave souls to a nearby place for the imbibing of alcoholic substances where the vista awed the Horde to silence.

After traveling further, through the ruins, they did then visit a curious place where a hot bod took an unnatural interest in a dried phallic symbol.

The following day the Horde decided to embark upon a quest to find the magical healing waters at the end of the gorge.

All members of the party survived the trek although a dolphin has no sense of sensible footwear and a funny old Hungry Puss took note of the local natives rather closely.
But a good time was had by all in the rejuvenating waters. Thus was the prelude to the Feast that had called all to it.

The Feast began innocently enough but soon the local constabulary had to be called to quieten the drunken revelry. Unperturbed, the diehards decided that shots of foul smelling liquor and a sunrise would be the best thing to do!

As with all the Feasts of OzDay, the following day required much laying down and bodies were strewn across the yard everywhere as if a great battle had taken place.

And it was GOOD

Upon recovery of some of their senses, the hoard decided that another gathering must be, so it was decreed that they all should invade the Southern Highlands to hold the Feast at the Hall of the Faerie & Me !

And the Me plotted.

As the Horde traveled toward the Hall of the Faerie & Me, a nearby trucker was required to hitch a lift, but was fortunately picked up by a passing BITCH.

The Prophet & The Dreamy one flew to the locale in a great winged beast and found a stranded dolphin and her keeper along with the mighty Hungry Puss where a mode of transport was procured to carry them all the final distance to the Hall.

The Horde converged on the Hall of Faerie and her strange companion and the merriment was kicked off with a short journey to the local Inn where Food was served by aliens (we never actually saw the aliens but their UFO's were everywhere) and then the drinking could really begin !

The night before the feast was made entertaining by such marvelous feats as the creature that claims to be 'me' setting magical explosives into fruits and buckets, and a furry rat named Gidget that protected us all from the great beast Bronte.

The Night of the Feast began with more explosive displays and many finger foods.
The night fell but unafraid was the Infinite as she handed out magical glowing jewelry and night lights to keep back the demons of the night. The Horde then fell upon the bottled spirits with vigour and the festivities lasted well into the daylight of Sunday.

As has always been, Sunday was a day of rest and all did lay low until dusk when they gathered for a parting feast of oriental influence.

And it was GOOD

As is tradition the next feast was planned.

And the dolphin trembledů

Much was the preparedness of the dolphin clan.
All manner of treats, comforts and broadband were readied for the masses impending arrival.

The horde started to arrive days before the event in drooling anticipation of the dolphin's tank. There were many tales of woe concerning travel from the revelers but lets not dwell on diverted flights and unreliable horseless chariots.

On arrival at the "place of the feast", meticulously prepared maps were supplied by the dolphin with places of interest circled clearly,

both of them.

On the first night of the festivities, the Prophet & little-miss arrived to the horrid news that water was in short supply, so undetered they all decided that to be comunity minded they would conserve water and stick to bourbon and/or strange blue concoctions.

Luckily dolphin & 'S' had the foresight to see the water shortage comming, and had installed a large tank to keep the dolphin moist through the hot summer nights.
In order to make ammends for the h20 shortage, 'S' took everyone to a great hall where meats and seafoods where over abundant.

Luckily the fierce watch-beast, Boadie, was able to consume the remnants of the meal so wastage was averted. After the meal, everyone retired to the bubbling jets of the tank for several hours before sleep overtook them.

The next day brought lazyness and trips around the area where the key to sustenance was sought by the prophet while little-miss found a strange man that left a lasting impression upon her. The two then returned to the Tank's Enclosure and a strange race of pomiwi's invaded in time for chicken prepared on outside cooking aperatus by 'S'.

(There was discussed the small detail of a very expensive international call made for directions but we wont point out both the Man and the Bear had access to whereis for many moons before their journey)

Luckily the pomiwi's had heard of the water shortage so had done their duty and supplied free bourbon, rum and strange green liquids to make their spa initiation even -more- pleasurable.

Later in the evening, as all relaxed in front of the Great Big Fish Bowl, Hungry's Keeper, who had managed to survive the perils of broken rubbers and overheating monsters, finally reached the "place of the feast" with a bedragled Hungry Puss in tow.

Gerard was introduced around to all and then the merriment and imbibing went well into the night once again.

To be continued ..