Some Simple Rules For Our Little Home On The Net

1. Manners are to be used at ALL times
2. The ladies of #DarkDreams are to be treated as ladies at ALL times
3. If you dont know something ... ASK
4. While we encourage open and honest chat / discussion / debating, We will not tolerate threats, fighting, or blatent sexual activity in main (including roleplay.
5. The Room operators have been carefully selected to enrich your visit to our room ... they are here to help you so please make use of them if unsure of anything or if you have an issue
6. No spamming, auto msgs or over use of ascii and colour codes.(this is a CHAT channel)
7. The Prophet has decreed that the Nectar Of Life is to be in no way abused, misused or degraded and any slight upon the good name of The Nectar shall incur a heinous penalty (ie. dont spill the coffee.
8. Have fun and learn something new everyday !!!!